n order to obtain a full driving licence you need to pass both theory & hazard perception, you can then book your practical driving test.. On passing you practical test you should consider the PASS PLUS, as this will help with cheaper insurance and also motorway driving experience, the PASS PLUS is a short course of at least 6 hours set out by the D S A, PASS PLUS is designed to help new driver gain experience of motorway and other situation.

Theory Test
This consists of 50 multiple choice questions at a touch screen computer. 60 minutes are allowed to complete the test. You will need to answer 43 questions correctly in order to pass. Having completed the theory test you will now move onto the Hazard Perception test.

Hazard Perception Test (HPT)
The HPT compiles 14 video clips containing 15 developing hazards. A hazard is anything causing you as the driver to change your speed or direction. Video clips are drawn from a database of 200, which feature real road scenes and developing hazards. Currently the pass rate is 44/75 for car drivers .You must pass the both the Theory and the HPT at the same time in order to gain your Theory test certificate. The DSA website contains mock Theory Test questions and further information on both tests.

Practical Driving Test
The Practical Driving Test will last for approximately 35-40 minutes on a designated test route. You will be expected to show the examiner you can drive safely, with consideration for other road users and also perform one reverse manoeuver along with at least 10 minutes of independent driving. At the end of the test the examiner will inform you whether you have passed or failed. The Practical Test pass rate nationally is 42%. This is so low because candidates are not properly prepared.

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